Guillotine Glass System

Our Shine model is an automatic guillotine glass system that is commonly integrated to pergola structures as it allows for uninterrupted panoramic views capable of turning any outdoor space, to an indoor sanctuary with its modern design. This reliable product ensures comfort during any season with top tier heat and sound insulation making all fully enclosed spaces usable throughout the year.

  • 110 Newton 11 RPM Tubular motor powered by Somfy motors
  • Weather and wind proof.
  • Insulated Guillotine Glass Material offers maximum insulation with its clamping mechanism and wicks on all moving surfaces.
  • Guillotine system designed as 3 or 4 modules, and hides chain or rope bearings
  • Maximum view with elegant profile design.
  • Surface coating thickness min 10 microns, or min 60 micron with electrostatic powder paint thickness.
  • vertical guide profiles at least 100 mm for two-glazed system, or min 150mm for three-glazed system
  • 110 Newton 11 RPM Tubular motor remote controlled by Somfy motors
  • In compliance with International certification standards (Germany, Italy, France)
  • Qualified coating available with glasses in thermal glazing systems (comfort, synergy series) and tinted glasses will be offered as an option.
  • 2 year system warranty with 5 year  motor warranty (In compliance with International standards ISO 9001 and CE certified)

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